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Welcome to GenData

The data base "GenData" presently contains 20337 individuals in 6095 families. GenData has been created to facilitate genealogical research and reconstruction of the patrician families from Sonogno and Frasco. Any type of responsibility for eventual errors or missing data is declined: The work is still in progress and records are continuously added or updated. We thank you in advance for the collaboration by sending us your remarks, corrections and additions.
In this public version, available online, living people (or those possibly still alive) are mentioned in their family sheets, but only by first and last name. Of these persons, our private records contain often more information. Those who are directly concerned can always request us the complete extract, or request removal of their names.
Copyright © GenData 2016
Genealogical information, as such, is not protected by copyright, as long as it has been taken directly from public registers or other publications, under condition that the sources are always indicated. The program to elaborate these data and the methods of display are however protected. Therefore, the data found in GenData, including the photos of people and copies of documents, can be freely taken to be used, always with caution, for personal genealogical research.

On the contrary, however, data and images taken from the GenData website to be republished on other websites, private or public, or any other forms of publication, require a corresponding notification to the authors of Gendata, as well as a correct and clear source indication. Thank you.
Most records have been transcribed or reconstructed from the registers (christening, wedding, death, etc.) of the Parishes of Sonogno, Frasco and Gordola, as well as from civil population records of Sonogno and Frasco. These records have been verified and completed with information, family trees and other data kindly made available to us by the families concerned. Moreover, many details regarding the descendants of emigrated families have been taken from the internet.
Place names
All places mentioned without additions or specifications are located in the Canton Ticino, in Switzerland. Names of places outside Ticino are completed with Canton (State or Province) and country abbreviations (ISO 3166).
For transmission of corrections and additions, each single family sheet contains a link towards a corresponding form. For other messages, general remarks, comments and suggestions we invite you to use only our contact webform.

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